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Doctor’s Note and what should be contained in the doctor’s note, and Please NO one sentence notes, AND the note NEEDS to be on LETTER head – do NOT bring me a note on a prescription pad paper.  And, if the note is handwritten – PLEASE make sure it is legible – if I can not read it, the FAA can not read it.

  1.  Name of medication (s)

  2. Why are you taking the medication

  3. How long have you been taking the medication

  4. Is the medication you are using stable or has there been a change in medication

  5. Labs – needs associated labs – and have the doctor write down the lab values, PLUS need a copy of the lab results – i.e. the printout from the lab itself or from your electronic medical record

  6. If you have HTN – make sure your doctor puts down your last few blood pressure readouts (SHOULD be less than 140/90).

  7. If you have Pre-Diabetes – need A1C

  8. If you have Hypothyroidism – need TSH (should be between 0.4 and 4.4)

  9. If you STILL have a kidney stone – also need an Ultrasound or CT Scan

  10. If you are on a Special ISSUANCE – FOLLOW the guidance that is on your SI Authorization – the FAA wants ALL that information – and SHOULD be specifically on the authorization form – and TAKE that to your doctor every time – and show that to the doctor telling him/her that the FAA NEEDS this information specifically.


  1. IF you have questions – email me directly:

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