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THESE are Instructions that I expect ALL that are NEW to me to follow:

1.  You are new to me, your appointment with me is important to YOU and to Me!


2. I require that you respond to my emails and my texts - this is so that there is at least some efficiency in all - However, I can not control how fast the FAA works.


3.  When I send you email and texts I do expect you to respond, at least within 24 hours. 


4.  Please make sure you have looked at my website and that you have completed steps 1-6 at the top of the website.


5.  If you have any medical issues, FAA paperwork, or if you have a SI or SODA (IF you have any of these FAA letters, waivers, etc - EMAIL them to me ASAP in PDF format)- You must be prepared and I do not tolerate Surprises.   See below what is a Surprise! 

6.  Please make sure your MedXpress is completed (DO NOT show to the office unless this is done - this is an 11 or 12 digit number (FAA calls this the confirmation number)- DO a screenshot on your phone - I NEED this number to get into your account (DO NOT send me this number - I will ask for it in the office).   I will say this again - DO NOT SHOW to my office unprepared and without your MedXpress number.


7. BRING your driver license/ passport, and if you have a pilot license bring that too - Your medical IS required to match your NAME EXACTLY to your Passport, Driver license and Pilot license - once you leave my office I CAN NOT change the Name on the medical certificate.  


8.  If you have any medical conditions that require medications such as blood pressure,

thyroid, etc - I need your doctor notes, labs (such as thyroid if applicable), and do NOT use the words Previously Reported/ PRNC - please spell out everything. 


9.  ****There is a No-Show fee/ cancelling less than 24 hr fee - please see the Fees on the website.  In addition, you get 3 reminders for your appointment - at 72 hours, 24 hours and 2 hours prior to your appointment AND once you have a ‘Confirmed’ appointment - I am expecting you to show to your appointment.   In addition, this policy is CLEARLY on the Text/ Email you get when you make the appointment. 


10.  Thank you, and please be responsible and professional about the above - I am here to help you get your FAA medical certificate and to make things flow smoothly I NEED you to be responsive. 

So I need you to Email - NOT text me, Email: your answer to any of above - so if you do not have YES answers, then state so.  If you have medical issues and/or legal issues - then tell me, and INCLUDE all your FAA Medical letters.  I do NOT form any opinions of you, I am a professional, and a Medically Licensed Physician - so my job is to make sure you are MEDICALLY qualified to fly an aircraft within the boundaries of the United States.

11.  If you have ADD/ ADHD - YOU MUST read about this on my website in the yellow section - and you MUST Email me BEFORE you make an appointment to see if I agree to see you.  The cost just to see you initially will depend - this could be a simply fee, but If I have to review documents, and do a lot of extra work - the fee will be much larger.


12.  Repeating this - WHY - because I expect those that see me to be Professional to come to their appointments - Hence, No-Show and /or Canceling your appointment Less than 24 hours - I require you to pay a $150 for this - The reason why - because you took a spot someone else could have had.  


Thank you, Dr Brad, AME

13.  What is a Surprise - here are examples:

       A.  I find out you have been on a medication such as any psychiatric medications, or have a history or any psychiatric condition and you have hid it - these will be on any medical records for which you have seen a physician in the United States - as all EMR's (Electronic Medical Records are Accessible by physicians).

        B.  Medications - there is a Database of medications that I search when you are new to me - this is called E-Forsce in Florida, but this is connected to a nationwide database that I can access - so for example I can see that you have been on ADD/ ADHD medications.

       C.  Let's talk about Recreational Drugs - Let's say this is ABSOLUTELY NOT tolerated with the FAA and I do not tolerate this either.  So, IF you use Marijuana, EVEN IF you have a Medical Marijuana card/ Prescription - THIS is NOT authorized and you will not get a medical certificate - so do not even make an appointment with me - I will NOT issue you a medical certificate.  Also, for those who want to ask - Cannibis or CBD - THIS contains THC even in small amounts and this if tested positive will result in not gaining your medical certificate and if you have a medical certificate already and you get drug tested you will lose your medical with a postive THC.

       D.  If you have had an Arrest of ANY type, EVEN if it is expunged - THERE is Still an arrest on your record - trust me - the FAA will find it - so YOU Must explain and if you are new to me - the words Previously Reported or PRNC are NOT allowed under the Legal questions - this must be explained - and if you do NOT have a Letter from the FAA clearing you - I will MORE than likely defer you - so this means SEND me the FAA clearance letter.

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