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1. SI’s - please read your SI VERY carefully - I see a lot of you on SI’s and many are still not reading through your OWN SI’s - this is your responsibility to ensure that ALL paperwork is in accordance with FAA standards, such as all forms the FAA requires - many pilots are still not doing this. I try the weekend before to remind you to bring the paperwork if due - but this is as a courtesy - also please listen when I see you when your next paperwork is due - sometimes it is 6 months, sometimes it is 12 months, so please pay attention.


2. Sleep apnea - IF you are on a SI for Sleep Apnea - PLEASE make sure you bring the Required FAA form for sleep apnea PLUS the CPAP printout from. If you are on a Dental Device - please make sure you are complying with the FAA requirements and realize that if the FAA is not satisfied they will revoke your medical certificate - so be VERY careful if you are on a dental device. I am not a fan of dental devices because I and the FAA can not prove you are using this nightly. And, IF you are using a CPAP - make sure you are USING it - you must use at least 75% of the time and for at least 6 hours of use.


3. VA benefits - many have Sleep apnea - if you have sleep apnea on your VA benefits - you better have a sleep study (to be done IN a Lab, NOT home sleep study), to show if you sleep apnea or not. If you have Sleep Apnea, then you should be on a CPAP (I am not a fan on dental devices as there is no way to prove you are using it).


4. MORE on VA benefits - PTSD - there is an AME worksheet for this - However, I require you to be seen by a FAA HIMS Psychiatrist to ensure that you are OKAY to fly with PTSD on your VA benefits - I am Not a psychiatrist - so I am requiring those that have PTSD on your benefit summary to get this done so the AME worksheet can be filled out correctly.


5. Even more on VA benefits - If you have Depression/ Anxiety - and you not been cleared by the FAA with a FAA letter from OKC, I will be deferring you.


6. EKGs and shaving - make sure you have no hair below the nipple line - hair makes it difficult to do an EKG. Also, do NOT apply lotion to your chest and arms the day of your EKG.  Also, do NOT drink caffeine prior to your EKG, do Not exercise prior to your EKG.


7. Please use Email - do NOT use the appt system to return a text - use the directions on the website to talk with me via email.


8. Fees are increasing due to costs - on the website click on Fees.


9. Supplemental Receipt - I know some of you especially AA pilots are needing a supplemental receipt - I have added a link below the Fees - click and print out - select the exam fee on your receipt +/- EKG - attach the credit card receipt for ‘proof’ of payment - this satisfies all that is required


10. Appointments - Please plan your medical - this is your livelihood - especially if there is something ‘NEW’ on your medical.  Canceling your appointment same day or No-Show - you will be invoiced. 


11. Medications - I am still seeing a LOT of you putting down medications that are NO-FLY medications - so if a doctor prescribes you a medication - Email me before you take the medication and before you put on your next MedXpress - once you sign off on the MedXpress, and I see it, I can not change this - and you run the risk of getting a Deferred Medical and waiting for the FAA to make a decision - so PLEASE ask me via Email first. On my website in the YELLOW section there are some medications that are allowed, and some have time restrictions so please look.  Medications that are ROUTINELY allowed are Antibiotics, Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Motrin), Naprosyn (Aleve).  


12. Medications that I see that are Not allowed and/or required waivers: Ozempic, Anastrazole, Retin A (tretinoin), Dextroamphetamine, Clonidine, Amphetamine, Abilify (Aripiprazole), Lyrica (pregabalin), gabapentin, Desaryl (trazodone), and many others - so before you put on your Medxpress - email me first. 


13. Questions - I get a ton of questions everyday and thank you all for using my preferred communication method of email. Calling me in the middle of the day interrupts my flow of work, so please only use email, THANK YOU.


14. Diet medications - well let’s say NOT allowed, with some caveats - one example I am seeing and hearing is Ozempic - and some of you have actually put this on your MedXpres because YOUR doctor told you it was ok - well NOT okay - this requires a SI (special issuance) even though you might not have diabetes.  I will include Metfomin here too - if YOU want to use this medication  - Email and I will let you know what I need.


15. Doctor visits - Please keep track of these - and here are some guidelines - you do NOT need to list AME visits and Dental visits. And, if you are seeing the same doctor multiple times - list once and in the comment section -put you saw multiple times and /or reasons. For example, you have been to the Dermatologist 10 times in the last 3 years - put down dermatologist and comment multiple times from 2021-2023, for ‘treatment of…”


16. Surgeries - Please read the question on the Medxpress - it asks if EVER IN YOUR LIFETIME. So if you had a vasectomy 5 years ago for example - please list that - you do not need to put the year.


17. Why am I asking about Marks, Scars, Tattoos - well guess what happens in an aircraft accident investigation - I asking about prominent marks - not this small inconsequential marks.

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