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Meds, DM, Testosterone, Eye Drops

1. Medications that are good for hypertension and what is allowed under the CACI system (Condition AME Can Issue - hence CACI) - first - you can be on up to 3 medications for hypertension - but there are a FEW No-No medications for hypertension - you can NOT be on Clonidine, Reserpine, Nitroglycerin and Methyldopa (there are more but these are the common ones I see that doctors have inadvertently put their patients one. What IS allowed - ARBs - such as Losartan, Irbesartan, Valsartan and Olmesartan, also ACE-inhibitors - such as Lisinopril, Benazepril, fosinopril and Catapril, then there are Calcium channel blockers - most common one I see is Amlodipine, and finally there are the Diuretics (the water pills - which many times they are added to the pill you are already on - so hence this counts as TWO (2) medications - most common one is Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ or HCT) - also, other medications allowed include Beta blockers such as Metoprolol.

2. Diabetes vs Prediabetes - there is a difference - so for Prediabetes - this falls under the CACI program - in order to qualify your "Initial" A1C MUST be 6.4 or less - and then MUST remain below that and the ONLY medication allowed with PreDiabetes is Metformin. NOW - you have OUTRIGHT diabetes if your A1C is above 6.4 - and hence you can use other diabetic medications besides Metformin - but this can be tricky and outright diabetes will require a SI - Special Issuance. On my website there is the FAA Link - advice for the Diabetic worksheet (which needs to be filled out yearly and signed by your doctor and brought to me for your AME appointment) and there is a list of medications allowed. 3. Testosterone … repeating this as I am seeing many pilots ignoring this as the FAA just took away a pilot's medical recently - so now that I have your attention - PLEASE PAY ATTENTION - if you are on testosterone alone … I need a GOOD doctor note (and make sure it has no negative information) plus lab reports such as testosterone levels and make sure it is Not above the normal level. Now if you are on Anastrazole (along with possibly HCG/ Clomid) - this will require a SI - Special Issuance - and this will require extensive lab values and a very good doctor note - and this doctor note MUST be a GOOD note - nothing negative - the FAA will read into it and you will be at risk for losing your medical. 4. Pilocarpine - (Vuity) - the near vision Eye drop that is actively being advertised - I would NOT recommend using this - and could worsen NIGHT vision which is when most of you use your near vision / reading glasses. And, the FAA when you read this FAA page the FAA says essentially NO to use of this medication - READ THIS if Interested.

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