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Rules of the Road

THIS IS A WORK IN PROCESS at this point:

  1. You make the appointment, I plan and expect you to be there … this is professionalism, courtesy  and realism.

  2. You are a professional, that means everything and if you cancel less than 24 before or you No-Show - have a GOOD excuse - Picking up a flight (that is not good excuse) - Your medical needs to be YOUR priority - I make it yours!  Plan your medical on your day you are free!

  3. Do not work-out prior to your appointment

  4. Do not stay up all night for your appointment so that means do not fly a red eye before coming in.

  5. Do not drink Coffee or other caffeinated drinks such as Red Bulls, BUT DO drink just water.

  6. If I smell alcohol or marijuana - you get the point ( I had a couple of pilots show up like this)!

  7. Make sure your MedXpress is completed PRIOR to coming and bring the confirmation number with you, preferably a picture of the number on your phone and PRINT out the MedXpress form because in the rare occasions the FAA system is down ( not working for the non military types) then I can still do a medical on you.  Hence make sure your MedXpress is Completed prior to coming to your appointment … do Not plan on doing your MedXpress in the office.

  8. WiFi access is not available in the office…(to prevent certain activity on my internet IP address).

  9. Listing doctor visits… do not list your AME visits nor your routine dental visits.  If you have seen the same doctor yearly for routine visits and I have seen you in the past just put the visits since I have last seen you.

  10. If I have seen you before and you having a pressing need for a medical and there are no spaces left then email me, I sometimes will double book, but Prefer you please plan ahead.  Also do not make 2 appointments, if my system sees two appointments both appointments will be automatically cancelled.

  11. Read my emails… I can tell who is not reading my emails… especially when some pilots come into the office and are absolutely oblivious to the situation… it behooves you to read.  I am your advocate so make my job easier by reading and responding… communication is KEY!

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