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Please look at the Calendar carefully if you need a Medical Certificate for April - I will not be available most of the last week of April 2021.

Many of you are returning to flying or some have not been flying as much - so some good guidance is to make sure you:

1. Feeling safe to fly - do you feel adequate and safe to fly - that is a question only you can ask yourself. 2. Weight - many of you have gained weight this past year - please realize this can cause many issues, one of them Sleep Apnea - and hence this can cause sleepiness while flying and distraction - so you might want to consider a sleep study if your partner tells you that you are snoring - and if you do have sleep apnea - this will require a Special Issuance - and this is something I can help you with. 3. Medications - are you taking anything new - please let me know - just email me at: 4. While I am talking about Special Issuances - many of you are on a Special Issuance - and most of you require paperwork at least yearly - and if you have any questions - please let me know prior to seeing me so that all your paperwork that you bring with you (or that you send in yourself is correct). 5. Vision issues - If you have had laser such as LASIK and the FAA does not yet know - please let me know - we can get the proper paperwork done - very easy. 6. If you are on a CACI - a FAA acronym that means - Conditions that AMEs Can Issue.

Before CACI's - you use to need a Special Issuance (waiver) - and that takes time - where with CACI's if you meet the criteria - all is done on the spot in the office. And to help expedite the process - EVERY Year (once per year) - you will need some paperwork....from your doctor that treats you for this condition - usually a simple note and labs-if required - if you have questions - just email me and I can tell you what is needed.

A Hypertension

B. Hypothyroidism

C. Colitis (UC or Crohns, NOT on a biologic medication)

D. Cancers (Prostate, Renal, Breast & Colon)

E. Headaches (Migraines and Chronic)

F. Asthma

G. C-ITP (Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia)

H. Glaucoma

I Arthritis

J MVP - Mitral Valve Repair

K. PRE-diabetes (NOT diabetes), being on Metformin (aka Glucophage and A1C < 6.5)

L. Retained Kidney stones

M. Hepatitis C - chronic

7. Are you on a Biologic medication - this more than likely will require a special issuance -

Here are some examples: Humira - used for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, Ulcerative colitis and Crohns.

Ritaxan - Leukemia, Lymphoma and Rheumatoic arthritis

Avonex - Multiple Sclerosis (there is at least one pilot on my panel who has a SI for this).

Plus there are many other Biologics - this is a NEWER category of medications and the FAA is allowing the use of these medications on a case-by-case basis - just let me know if you are having a medical issue that might require one of these medications so a Special Issuance can be obtained.

There are many of you on a Special Issuance - aka - what the FAA calls a waiver. Most of you understand what is required from you on an annual basis (most of you on a SI require paperwork every 12 months (some do require every 6 months) ) - and PLEASE if you have a question - please email me what is required for EACH of your Individual Special Issuance circumstances.

*** I have been asked by the FAA in the southeast regional office to give input in how the wording is placed on your Special Issuances and I understand much of the confusion - but until that has been 'streamlined' - please make sure you contact me via email ( with any questions - most of you understand what is required. Also, please do NOT wait until the last minute as the FAA will revoke a medical certificate if your paperwork is not complete / correct - I am IN YOUR BOAT, and I am here to help so please get a hold of me if necessary (again email is best).

Medications - I am seeing some of you on medications that are NOT allowed - I know many websites such as LeftSeat and AviationMedicine have lists of 'So-Called' Allowed medications - well - that is NOT necessarily true as there are some caveats - so PLEASE contact me FIRST before you are Prescribed and Pick up the medication - you can email me (at so I can research it if necessary - I might know the answer immediately - but I do like to check first. For over a year - a Nationwide Prescription Database has been in effect (in Florida the database is called E-Forcse - which links to other states) - and it can track all of your prescriptions - the FAA has access to this too - so just saying please be careful on what you are prescribed, ask me first if you think there is an issue.

Next week - I will discuss CACI's - these are issues that do not require a waiver from the FAA directly, but do require paperwork from your doctor - such issues are Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, PRE-Diabetes (not diabetes), Glaucoma, Migraines, Colitis, some Cancers (bladder, testicular, colon, renal, breast), kidney stones, and asthma.

I will try to make these emails informative to you - so please do Not put in your spam mail - that way you can continue to get these emails.

The FAA has JUST issued COVID-19 Guidelines (dated March 26, 2021) and FAA medical Certificates.

I will break it down for all of you.

On March 26, 2021 - the FAA has PUT out guidance on COVID-19 and Medical certification.


1. If you have had a confirmed Asymptomatic of Mild Covid-19 infection and you have fully recovered - I can Issue you a medical certificate.

2. If you had a Prolonged OUTPATIENT Covid-19 infection with Full recovery - I may Issue you a medical certificate.

3. If you had a hospitalization due to Covid-19 but did NOT require an ICU (Intensive care visit - meaning tube for breathing, etc) - I will THEN NEED paperwork about your hospitalization and if FULLY recovered I may issue - but I will NEED to send the records to the FAA ASAP.

4. **** IF you had a hospitalization and you were a patient in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit - meaning Intubated (tube in airway) - I will need all the hospital paperwork and I will need to DEFER your medical to the FAA.

5. If you are having ONGOING residual symptoms such as cardiac issues, respiratory abnormalities, kidney injury, neurological dysfuncation, psychiatric issues, fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain - I will have to DEFER your medical to the FAA.

HENCE - if you had any hospitalization - please send me your paperwork ASAP so I can review this for you and then go from there.

Bottom LINE - if you had Covid-19 and Never had ICU treatment and you are Asymptomatic (symptom-free) - I can issue you your medical certificate.

AND, if you had an ICU visit and/or continuing to have symptoms of Covid-19 - then I will have to Defer your medical to the FAA for a decision to issue the medical certificate.

Email me at if you have any questions.

Dr Brad

Appointments at:

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