This is the OFFICE POLICY for Walk-Ins - I do NOT want Walk-Ins - But if you Insist - You must Read and Agree to this.


There is a policy of charging an additional fee of $150 for WALK-INS!   Let me explain a little more about my practice to you so that there is understanding of why the policy of charging such a fee is necessary.


And, Please be advised, I am the only Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) in this office.  The policies of this office are set by me and no one else.   Additionally, please note:


  • In our Ft. Lauderdale Office we schedule many appointments each day.

  • Each Pilot file must be reviewed prior to the appointment.

  • Some Pilots have extensive medical issues that must be satisfactorily reviewed in accordance with FAA standards.  This requires planning on my part prior to the appointment.  This includes New Pilots, Pilots with Special Issuances as well as many, many other medical situations.

  • Prior to starting the day we make sure staff needs are met, open early because pilots show up early, we also stock supplies and make sure equipment is working prior to 8AM.    

  • My day interacting with Pilots via appointments runs from 8 AM until 2 or 3PM with ZERO break.

  • My day concludes at 2 or 3 PM and then FAA phone calls about problems are made.  Plus, Pilot correspondence, FAA correspondence, Emails from Pilots and other physicians and answered.  In addition, consultations with other physicians regarding Pilots are conducted.

  • Numerous Pilots have complained about waiting - so HENCE Appointments!


Even with meticulous planning, issues during the day arise.


  • Emergencies: Some Pilots have major problems with their EKGs for example.  For example,  a consultation with a Cardiologist at the FAA Board sometimes have to be made.  And, every once in awhile a Pilot needs to go to the Emergency Room.

  • Problems with Paperwork/Lack of Labs, etc: Other issues arise with Pilots as well.  For example, one comment I hear routinely is My Doctor said it was OK for me to Fly.  As you are aware, although a person’s doctor may give their approval, the FAA still expects compliance with their rules and regulations and this takes time to explain to each Pilot.  That is why reviewing files PRIOR to Pilots coming into the office is so important to make sure issues are identified beforehand as much as possible.


Therefore, because I am the only AME and sadly because Ft. Lauderdale has recently lost other AMEs, my office is at capacity.  I have had to institute a No Walk-In policy to provide Access for your Medical.


There are folks who can not accept this policy.  These pilots do not make their Medical a Priority and do not schedule their appointments several weeks in advance.  Some do not read my emails.  Some do not visit my website.  Some refuse to cooperate and put pressure on my staff to be seen by the doctor.  For these folks, I charge a fee of $150 due to the Disruption of my already planned day to accommodate their frustration with my policy of No Walk-In Appointments.


To avoid this fee in the future, please be sure to consult my website a month in advance.  I encourage you to plan ahead and make your health and your medical a priority.


Unfortunately, it is the Policy of this Medical Practice that we do not accept Walk-In appointments. I offer the $150 fee in situations where folks demand to be seen.


Sincerely, Dr Brad